Give facilities the best interpreters with minimal effort.

Automate service request processing. Hire the best freelance interpreters. Submit and sign log sheets electronically. Auto-generate invoices and pay electronically. It’s management software for Language Service Providers that — finally! — communicates.

Answer facility requests faster than ever

LSPs and interpreters help facilities save lives. So rather than worrying about service requests, log sheets, and invoices, you can focus on what’s important.

Hire freelancers

Filter freelancers using criteria such as certifications and tests. Reach out to only to those who are available.

Manage facility requests

Track the status of all service requests. Know which jobs are pending, staffed, and require follow-up.

Create invoices

Convert approved log sheets to invoices and auto-generate invoices for facilities.

Automated service requests. Yes, we said automated.

Have the application process facilities’ emails and broadcast messages to all available interpreters. There’s no need for a scheduler, and we can handle services requests during weekends and nights. No more phone calls, emails, and texts. And when a service request gets changed, your freelancers are immediately notified. Phew!

Comprehensive freelancer profiles with real-time calendar

Freelancers can manage their own certifications, tests, and work experience. That way, you’ll know exactly who is right for the job. Plus, freelancer gets to manage their calendar so you can see their availability.

Complete log sheets with ease and get them signed electronically.

  • Service requests are automatically converted into log sheets
  • Built-in time tracking
  • Sign electronically within the app
  • Completed log sheets are sent through the app to LSP's
  • Facilities can give final approvals via email

Download our mobile app.

  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Manage service requests from any device
  • Submit log sheets on mobile device
  • In-app messaging
  • e-signature capabilities

Auto generate invoices and send reminders automatically

Once the log sheet is approved, the invoice is automatically generated and sent to the agency. Easy at that! Manually entering invoices are now a thing of the oh-so-distant past.


If service requests are changed, you and your freelancers are instantly notified.

Shared calendars

Know exactly when freelancers are available.


With built-in reminders for log sheets and invoices, you’ll spend less time chasing people down.

Auto invoice generation

Agencies can configure auto-generation invoice rules for each facility.

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